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Innovations - Chaning perceptions and cityscapes | Hari Chandana | TEDxVITS -

Innovations – Chaning perceptions and cityscapes

“Don’t work towards being successful, work towards being significant”. From being an initiator to an example setter, she is transforming a city one step at a time. Ms. Hari Chandana Dasari, Zonal Commissioner, West Zone-Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation, has always been an inspiration for many. From being an environmentalist by heart to a crusader she has driven Hyderabad to emerge as a leader of re-cycling initiatives in India. Also, “I don’t aspire for social endorsements. I believe in self and work towards the change that I wish to bring in. Also, I believe that there is nothing called a big change or a small change. Bringing the change itself is an achievement,” says Madam Hari Chandana, the woman with a mission. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community


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  • Date: March 3
  • Time: 1:41 am
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No matter how big or small an idea may seem, every idea that helps our nation develop matters. 

Let me know what YOUR IDEAS are.


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